So way back when I first released issue #10 of Lloyd and the Bear I realised, only after having printed it, that one of the prints in young Bear’s room didn’t make any sense.

You see, when I was placing the posters on Bear’s wall I used some of the parody prints I’ve done over the years including one of my very first ones, ‘Spider-Bear’. At the time I didn’t think anything of it but then I realised that the print actually has Lloyd in it! Um……

Now how did that work? Like, how is there a picture of Lloyd on a poster in the bedroom of a young Bear back on his home planet Bur?!?

So come issue #12 and my need to ensure that everything fits in to place I came up with a plan that while Lloyd and Bear were on the U.S.P.D’s ship they would run in to a time machine and I’d ask the reader to see the full story of that adventure here on the website.

Thing was, I ran out of room.

Plus, what’s the U.S.P.D doing with a time machine?!?

Thankfully I had time to put a plan in gear and so when I updated issue #10 I kept the ‘Spider-Bear’ print in place knowing that I would explain it properly this time.

And I did! In issue #12! And in the actual book! Below are images of how I came to planning out and putting the two pages together – notice that some things changed as I went along with the plan….

And here’s the final result!

And yup, Bear didn’t quite hit the nail on the head as our heroes weren’t only being shunted through space but time as well! There’s a lot more going on in this page than just the creation of ‘Spider-Bear’ from back in the past as there’s other things that happened either in the past or…. going to happen in THE FUTURE!

And hey, you’ll see some of these scenes real soon! Promise!

And with that, I’ve finished the double sized issue #12 of Lloyd and the Bear! I’ve got a few wee things to add but all in all, it’s done! Yay!

Okay, back to work but hopefully more real soon!

Bear hugs!

PS. This isn’t the first time I’ve done a Bear’d up version of Stan Lee! Check this old post out!