So I’ve been busy (outside of taking some time out to enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK) with doing an advert for @StaceysParlour with her soon to happen 24hr live podcast with money raised going to the British Heart Foundation.

And hey, please feel free to download this advert, print it out, and promote the event (and feel free to give me a shout if you want a higher quality copy of it!)

So the break and change of art direction (plus an awesome day yesterday at the Beach Comic Con in Brighton) I’m back to updating issue #12 (going on a bit ain’t it?) and realised that a panel I started on before the Easter weekend needed a redo (left pic is the old panel)…

(Excuse the colour markings)

And yeah, so much happier with the new panel! Them ‘rollerskating’ robots (which is also a total nod to Kickstarter backer Russell Hillman and his book ‘Fast and Frightening’ which is well worth looking for from Freaktown Comics) needed a bump up to show how serious a threat they are to our good heroes and I figure the new panel hit that with being that bit more zippy!

Okay, and with that, back to the book!

More soon! Bear hugs!

PS. Sure was a lot of brackets used in this post (Wasn’t there?)