So ever since I started attending conventions my big problem was how to show off my prints. Having them in a folder never seemed to work and I really wanted them all out on display.

As time went on and I had the odd lucky chance to have two tables I realised being able to spread all the prints out was the best choice BUT I really didn’t want to go to the expense of having two tables plus it felt kind of bad to be taking up a second table when there could be the next Jack Kirby sitting there with their awesome artwork/book!

My solution was to go with a set of grids which I noticed others using but me being me I had to go BIG and boy did the grids do that – so much so that I ended up calling the grids THE CAGE! And over time it changed getting bigger and bigger and then smaller but at all times it was tall and had a nasty knack of blocking out whomever was my booth neighbour.


But I’ve decided it’s time to let the cage go and try something different which I’ll have on show at MCM Birmingham this weekend. In part it was down to changes in booth setup (which admittedly I was too scared to ask about) but also I really wanted to have a display that was easier to build and take down plus had little chance of falling on someone (I am so clumsy and there have been times I’ve almost crushed someone when dismantling the stupid thing!)

I’ll post photos after the weekend but the new set up is pretty sweet, quicker to construct and also lighter! Less to carry around is good….

Hope to see you at MCM Birmingham! The guests look AMAZING! Yay!

More soon, bear hugs!

PS. At one point I was toying with adding a small disco ball to the centre of The Cage and creating a dance hall. It could have worked…. maybe?