So first time around with issue #12 I had a scene with Lloyd and Bear reflecting on their previous adventures. Bear points out that it’s only been several weeks since our two heroes met the Shoal and then we’ve Lloyd coming back saying it felt more like several years.

Now hey, this wasn’t Lloyd being glib (um, okay, maybe a little?) but more a chance for me to refer to how it had been three years since issue #1 came out (if you count from the point I originally released the comics in colour)

With the update I got to this point in the book and realised that it doesn’t really work any more. Even if I count from the point I updated the (updated) books it had gone past three years (I think) and so I decided to go with another self-reference and this time it’s Bear who gets to give the line (which also seems more in character don’t you think?)

Man, they really have changed. Not only in how they act with one another but yeah, my art style has changed A LOT.

Y’know, I had toyed with updating the old issues back in the day to reflect the current style but I kinda like it. I mean, it’s a bit odd looking at it now but at the same time I really want to retain some of the history of the old books and how they first looked. Like Garfield? If you look at the old strips he looks soooo different from what he does now (and personally I really like his old look)

Man, I sure hope keeping the old style in the early books doesn’t bite me in the butt…..

Right! Anyways, back to updating more pages and forgetting my inner fears! (Eek!)

More soon! Bear hugs!

PS. I’m now really beginning (yes, beginning) to dislike the old Comic Sans. I see what you see!