So it’s 2018 and I’ve been holding back on a few projects that are coming out this year! I’ll be posting about the new projects as the day goes on but first I want to talk about the latest issue of Lloyd and the Bear!

Not only will issue #12 be available and with it the collected trade but also issues #13 and #14 will be quick to follow!

Speaking of issue #12, I’ve shown a picture on here previously of the big bad along with a few shots on both Twitter and Facebook but want to talk a bit more! So firstly, here he is his full colour splendour!


Now Ruh-Ssel has been created from one of our Kickstarter levels where you could get to be in the book as a bad guy. Russell Hillman generously backed that level and so gets the joy(?) of causing our heroes some grief in this issue!

Russell himself is a small press writer and you can check out his work at the Freaktown Comics

It’s been a few years since we did the Kickstarter campaign and to be honest I was going to pop Russell in to a later issue but then realised that with my updating issue #12 that this was an ideal chance to have him show up and I’m so happy about it!

And hey, Happy New Year to you all and I hope you have a great one!

More soon! Bear hugs!