So firstly, I’ve not been on here for an age and I’m sorry for that. The big reason being that I was really focused on updating issue #12 and got really stuck on designing the main bad guy.

And yeah, you may question that I already showed you the big bad for this issue on one of my recent posts and you’d be right but all the same, I was still stuck on designing the big bad for this issue! Okay, I admit, I’m making little sense but all will become clear when the book comes out! #spoilers

So anyways, this morning I got to finishing page 12 of the book which by rights would mean that I’m at the half way mark but….

It’s not! (and hey, while you collect yourself with that revelation why not have a moment and check out this totally non-spoiler, non-clear final panel from page 12)

 photo iknowaplace_zpsyw77jlfc.png

See, this is an extra large sized issue as I’ve got so many things that I missed out first time I released the book and so yeah, it’s bigger! There’s sooooo much stuff being added that I’m really chuffed about! And yeah, I’m really enjoying putting this book together and loving where it’s going and I really hope that once it’s released that you guys will totally love the book as well!

I’ve got a few things coming up and will be updating on here more in the weeks to come as I’ve plans for 2018 and trying new things!

Plus! Convention dates! Yay! I’m already missing conventions! Conventions are SO much fun!

Okay, back to work but do check back soon as there will be more news coming!

Bear hugs!