Okay, so I really should be in bed but I’m still buzzing from an absolutely amazing weekend at MCM London! So many people stopped by our booth – those who have met us before and also those who are new to the adventures of Lloyd and Bear and man, it was ALL good!

I know I’ve said this so many times before but I do absolutely mean it – there was so much good chat this weekend and it was SO AWESOME!!!!!

So yeah, if you’re new here please check out the site! We’ve tabs to our Facebook and Twitter pages (Instagram on the way once I post more!) plus links to our online comics and then stores for our books and t-shirts! Everything is available to click on by either columns down the side of the page or the tabs at the top!

Currently I’m super focused on issue #12 so lacking that many posts on here (sorry!) but please do follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter for more regular posts!

Finally, thanks again to not only everyone who stopped by our table this weekend but then came on here to check out what we’re up to! Seriously, you guys are great and I know that may sound a wee bit cheesy but I TOTALLY mean it!


So okay, more soon but apologies already if I don’t post here quick enough – hey, got to get issue #12 done! Eeeeee!

Bear hugs!