Blimey! It’s been over two months since my last post on here!

Okay, quick catch-up! I’ve done two conventions, several commissions, got on with updating issue #12 and hey, done a new print parodying Power Rangers (and a massive thanks to two of our fans who came up with the awesome idea)

But hey! There’s more (okay, this may be more of a personal win but still)! So when it came to working on the Red Rangers belt buckle I was trying to cartoon up the dinosaur but it just wasn’t happening. I then had the brainwave of using the T-Rex from my old Furassic Park print!

I really do love grabbing pieces of my old work and being able to use it again! It’s not a lazy thing but more I always feel that every piece I create should have it’s moment in the sun and not to be left in a folder somewhere not seeing the digital light of day.

So yeah, Furassic World may be in the past but the T-rex is getting another moment to shine! Yay!

I’ll try and pop back more soon with further updates!

Don’t forget to keep checking our Conventions page to see where we’re going to be next (like this weekend when we’re in Glasgow at MCM Scotland!!!)

More soon! Bear hugs!