Oof! This is something I’ve been putting off for ages as I’ve not had the time what with concentrating on updating the books (which is something for another post) but yeah, we now have a couple of online stores and they’re super easy to navigate!

Previously I figure I confused things with all the different options, small text on the buttons, wayyyy too many links/insturctions, and also not (gasp!) giving the opportunity to pick up the trades outside of the UK!

So now it’s three simple categories. ‘Digital’ for Comixology, ‘Books’ for picking up the trades (and that’s anywhere in the world) and then ‘Merch’ for t-shirts (and other merchandise as and when I put aside some more time to add to it! Oh hey, and that’s also global! Woo!)

So yeah, happy times!

Little extra note! The t-shirts are a mix of parody prints and other designs of mine. Let me know if there’s a print that you’d like to see on a t-shirt and I’ll see what I can do!

More soon! Bear hugs!