So super excited and real curious to see Brighton Comic Pop Up today! I mean, there’s so many great names attached to it that there’s going to be something there for everyone! But hey, we’re going to be there in the afternoon so do drop by and say hello and pick up our book – because I need some cash to pick up other peoples books, right?

For more details go to their Facebook page but if you don’t have Facebook or don’t want to click on the link (#effort) it’s at The Hanover Pub and Restaurant, 242 Queens Park Road, Brighton from noon today! Yay!

On other news I posted on Facebook and Twitter this week three new Star Paws parody prints that, along with the Bearenity print, will be available at MCM Comic Con London at the end of May! MCM London is always a big circle on our calendar and I’m really buzzed to show you some other new things I’ve been working on for that weekend!

Anyways, I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s all the new prints for MCM!

 photo prints_zpskucpq74z.png

Soooooo excited I think I need to calm down and take a bear nap!

More soon! Bear hugs!