So in my last post I mentioned how I like to re-use old artwork whenever possible. While updating issue #11 I was checking out issue #12 (*SPOILERS* some of issue #12 is now in issue #11) and I realise that several page won’t only be used but I can’t even repurpose them!

Here’s the soon to be defunct page (just give a moment of silence, ‘kay?)

 photo norecyle_zpsfyzwjlcj.png

But there’s a good side to this (and I don’t mean that I can now fix Youka YET AGAIN showing up only sporting two and not three fingers)! I’m now able to fix a massive mistake I made with how all the characters looked having showed up after having been teleported from Earth! See, giant clone Lloyd was sitting on the ground back in #11 and yet now is standing up and this, for me, is a MASSIVE bugbear! Now, I love the idea of teleporters and it’s well handy in a sci-fi story to get characters from one place to another but there are problems with them;

1. When you’re shifted from one place to another then that not only means your physical self but also all your memories and soul. I guess, and with my limited knowledge on the fact, your memories are all mapped in to your brain so I *guess* that would work but your soul? Me, I’m a fan of saying we have souls but then how does that shift to your new destination? Is it not tethered to yourself? Or are we saying the soul is just the collection of your memories (I personally say no). See? Don’t like it. If nout else, it gives me a headache!

2. If you’re sitting down (say in a soon to explode space shuttle circa Star Trek) and yet get teleported and show up in the transporter room standing up – how does that work?!? Does the teleporter know to reconfigure you in the optimum stance??? (And yes, this is the mistake I made with that opener page in issue #12 with clone Lloyd)

3. And going on from this, and check me getting science here, if you’re moving at a great speed in a shuttle – be it forward or dropping from a height – there’s energy being dispersed, right? Now if you end up being teleported and stand there all nice and that then where does that energy go? You could argue the teleporter lobs that energy somewhere but then how does it know when to do it? And if not, then where does the energy go and hey, energy can’t be created or destroyed!

See? Transporters. Handy for driving a story but really, really, REALLY annoying on a science level (okay, the half-wit science level that I rate myself at)

Anyways, this is my acknowledgement at not recycling (art) and also my hate of transporters. If you’re up for debating either topic please comment on either Twitter or Facebook!

More updates very soon! Bear hugs!

PS. The police officers speech in page three is now being used in issue #11 although slightly rejigged. SPOILERS! 😀

PPS. Need to think of something to do with a t-shirt that uses the word ‘bugbear’ TRADEMARKED! TRADEMARKED BY ME NOW!!!! 😀 😀 😀