Hi there! Okay, so I’ve got crazy loads to talk about today (to be fair it’s been a good few weeks so I really, really, really should have crazy loads of stuff to talk about!)

Firstly I’ve finished my initial run of new prints for the start of this year which will be on sale this Saturday at Medway Comic and Screen Festival (more of that including a handy link later). Along with the Avengebears and Justbear League prints I’ve already shown I’ve got new Black Panfur and Bearaking Bad (that one’s for the grown-ups, ‘kay?) prints as well as an updated Star Paws one!

 photo prints_zpssouqgdgs.png

What do you think?

Secondly, both collected volumes of our book are available in the small press section at Orbital Comics in London! Lloyd and Bear have already been – have you? It’s a great store as well packed full of back issues, new stuff and loads of other comic related gubbins!

 photo Orbital1_zpsz76x8nce.png

As a wee sidenote I’m close to getting the online store back so you can pick the books up there but don’t forget you can still get them digitally at Comixology – just click on the Comixology link at the side to see the books!

So yeah, we’re at Medway Comic and Screen Festival in Gillingham this Saturday and it’s our first convention of the year so stupidly excited! If you’re in the area do come along as there’s LOADS to see (including us, ‘kay?)

Outside of all this my focus is still on updating issue #11 of Lloyd and the Bear comic! I’ve moved panels around, removed some stuff and added new stuff too. Check out some of the pages below to show you what I mean.

Firstly here’s the old some of the old pages;

 photo pagesold_zps6767wziz.png

And here’s the updated ones;

 photo pagesnew_zpsnc2kjsuw.png

I’ve said on previous posts that I’m big on recycling my artwork so if ever possible I’ll use an old panel that I originally scrapped and in the case of this book I’m trying to keep as many of the panels I’d done in the original issue (or in some cases use it with a few minor changes).

Even before I started this issue I knew I was going to have problems as I was always a bit disappointed with it. In my head it was because I felt the big reveals and the massive arc I’d planned out was all a bit preachy and came across smug. Having gone through it I now realise I really did really underscore every little detail from previous issues rather than let the story flow. On top of that there was next to no action in the story!

I remember now that when I originally did the book I had a big problem with having Bear face off against the clone (erm, spoiler!) who didn’t even get a name back then! It just didn’t sit well with me so there was only a page or two with any action/’fighting’ happening. With moving things around and doing some re-writes I’ve managed to give myself a few extra pages to work with and this will allow (hopefully) for a more action packed showdown against Bear and Cloyd (see? He has a name now!) but while still sticking to my rule of them not directly engaging.

Confused? It’ll all make sense, promise!

Anyways, I’ll be sure to post more pages as I continue on with updating the issue along with my plans on how to get this book to you if you’d already picked it up first time around (I feel bad for people having invested in the book already only to find things are different now – does George Lucas ever feel that?)

More soon, bear hugs!