Okay, so I’ve been crazy busy these last couple of weeks working on two new prints featuring the Avengebears and Justbear League. Both of them have puns I’ve used before (with Avengebears I’ve even used the pun twice already!) but I had the idea of doing two prints that have each group facing off one another.

So yeah, here’s a preview of the new parodies (still got to add the titles) and I’ve put them side by side so you can see how they match up!

 photo jlavengers1_zpsvrrio6ob.png

And yeah, part of the challenge of this was to have similar characters (be it power set or how they looked) facing opposite each other and also ensure the shading matched up. It really pushed me this one and I hope you like it!

I’ve got two more parodies to release before our first convention of the year at Medway Comic Con on the 1st of April! (So nervous about doing a con on April Fools Day…..)

More (very) soon! Bear hugs!