So way back when I first contacted Comixology to see if they would sell my books they came back with a few requests. Apart from changing the font (no one but myself seems to like Comic Sans – is it really that bad?) they also suggested that I added some shading and improved the background colouring.

On second look I had to agree and so set about updating the books and took the opportunity to make some changes to the artwork here and there but the important thing was to not change the story as people had already invested their money on hardcopy versions of the book and I didn’t want them to feel shortchanged or forced to buy the book again as the story was to be different. On a personal level as well I wanted to ensure that any artistic updates still matched the look of the book at the time even though (well, I like to think at least) that my style has improved on later books.

I’ve been really good with this and stuck to it but knew that come issue #11 I would be making some pretty big changes and I would maybe have to break my own rules.

Now, I’m still keeping the story the same but I wanted to make some real big changes to the flow of it. You see, issue #11 was a big deal for me as it tied together a lot of loose threads and little subplots I’d been creating since the first issue but I personally felt the finished book was too heavy on exposition and also came across a bit smug (very possibly I’m looking way too hard on that latter point but it is how I feel). But changes had to be made and I also had an additional concern with the final issue of the arc, issue #12. You see, I really love this story (despite lacking some scenes I really wanted to show) but it felt tacked on rather than flowing naturally from the previous adventures.

So issue #11 has now been rewritten with the story being the same but the flow now running very differently. There’s also some additional action scenes (which I just didn’t have a good angle in my head first time around) and some of issue #12 is also now in the book! How the? And hey, less exposition! Awesome. I’m a lot happier this time around although it’s still early days as I currently update the artwork (and in a lot of cases add additional scenes).

Oh! And fix Youka! Fix Youka? Yeah, see, I changed the basic shape of his head for some reason when putting issue #11 together. What was that about? And also, and this pains me, for some reason in some scenes he has two fingers and a thumb and in others it’s three fingers and a thumb! EH? (And yes, that was a good lesson to myself to use reference – even if it’s with my own designs!)

Here’s the cover and opening pages that I originally published alongside how they look now.

 photo openingpages1_zpsowv2t2qk.png

 photo openingpages2_zpszd2vegdw.png

Let me know what you think!

Now hey, if you’re looking at this and are actually, despite my best efforts, feeling a bit shortchanged as you bought the original books but don’t want to go and have to spend your hard earned money all over again I’ve had an idea! It’s early days yet but when the final trade comes out I’ll let you know and it’ll mean a cheaper book for you and also a little help to some chosen charities! #plans

More soon! Bear hugs!

PS. The toilet/bed/bear joke has been kept. It’s a favourite of mine.