It’s 2017 and I hope you’re all having a great time!

As always, I’ve been terrible at updating this site (but hey, have you been following us on Twitter/Facebook because updates are WAY more regular!)

Anyways, the convention page has been updated. As a slight change to the previous few years I’ve listed the conventions we’re currently booked in for and then posted a wish list. These are conventions where we don’t have a table for as yet but hope to and it also allows me to keep a check on what I’m up to in the following months. There may well be changes to these lists as other conventions become available!

2016 was really convention heavy for us and I found it meant putting less time in doing my book as well as getting other material out. So this year we’re going to slimline it a bit and hopefully this will give us a bit of a better balance. We’ll find out, eh? And hey, here’s Bear being all metaphorical. Woo!

 photo Losingweight-1_zpsrhyebsax.png

More soon! Bear hugs!