Oh gosh! Okay, so we’ve not posted anything on here since the end of May! Whoops……

So sorry about that and my only excuse is that with conventions and book updates going on I just totally let this slide but (as a lame get out clause) I am still posting away on Facebook and Twitter. Speaking of which, every Thursday I’m posting a pic of Bear dressed up as someone from comics, movies, telly, etc and you can check them out with the hashtag #FursdayFump

If there’s someone you’d like to see Bear dress up as let us know by contacting us by email, or through Facebook/Twitter and I’ll see what I can do! Unlike the parody prints you don’t even have to think about a pun, just let us know who you’d like to see him dress up as!

As I say, we’ve been busy with a load of other things and recently sent the updated Volume 2 of our book to Comixology. I’ll let you guys know when it’s on sale!

Also, our conventions page has been updated with our latest addition for later this year – Demoncon! That ones in October so if you’re from around Maidstone do put that one in your calendar!

We’re also over in Bristol this Saturday for Bristol Comic Expo which is sounding rather awesome. Can’t wait to be there!

So yeah, busy! More soon!

Bear hugs!