MCM London was awesome! I know I say it all the time but it’s so true!

Many great people stopped by our table and I had such a great time chatting away over the three days! Also big thank you to all the other exhibitors around me – all so lovely and generous with offers of food (even though I didn’t take anything – I’m weird)

But (!) it was also the end of our original prints. You see, waaaaaay back in 2011 I came out with three prints – Spider-Bear, Beta Ray Bear and Beardevil;

 photo trinity_zpsoupas5fb.png

Although all were reprinted a number of times it got to a point where I decided to just let all the runs finish. Beta Ray Bear was first and earlier this year Beardevil came to an end (and then re-released with an updated look) but on Sunday we went and sold the last Spider-Bear print (I really love this print and did a real big number of copies of it)

So yeah, that’s the end of this version of Spider-Bear! He’ll be back at some point with a new design but I also need to decide if he goes with his original costume, the current one of the new movie one! Choices!

Going back to MCM, thank you to everyone who stopped by. I got home Sunday night absolutely shattered but also sooooo happy! Yesterday was a weird one as I spent the morning unpacking my bags only to then repack them for Swindon Comic Con this weekend coming!

Real weird (the unpacking/repacking – not Swindon Comic Con!).

Okay, more soon! Bear hugs!