All our stuff is unpacked, table sheets and t-shirts washed and it’s clearly the end of the awesomeness that was Granite City Comic Con 2016.

Last year I was told about GCCC but didn’t know if I could make it. Once I was able to work out the travel and everything I was too late in getting a table! This year, I went for it and we were up in Aberdeen and I’m so happy we attended (but still kicking myself for missing last year)!

It was great to be back in Aberdeen and so much fun chatting away all day to so many great people who stopped by. Added the organisers were totally on point with looking after everyone and making sure we were all cared for (thank you guys – even though I never took any additional water or needed anyone to assist at our table it was great to be offered and also I’m so sorry we had to leave early but we had to catch our plane back to London!) and even more awesome was the Cosplay! Seriously guys, get down to MCM London and raise the stakes there!!!

So yeah, great time and I really hope it’ll all be happening again next year!

Bear hugs!

PS. I also hope it’s in the same venue as having a place with a pool is an awesome way to start and end your convention day!