Hi there! Okay, so we’ve updated our conventions page with the excellent booking of a table at MCM London in May! MCM London gets bigger and bigger every year and it’s soooooo much fun to attend!

On other news, as I mentioned the other day, we’re working on new prints and here’s the first one – Furiday the 13th!

 photo furiday_zpsvmhwsleb.png

The ideas was suggested to us at MCM London last year and that person will be getting a free copy of the print once it’s published! (I’m sorry, but I can’t find your name just now suggestee guy as my inbox is still a mess since my Kickstarter last year! Oops). But yeah, if you have an idea for a print do please let me know and if we haven’t already done it or got the idea and we go ahead and use it you’ll get a free copy of the print too!

More soon! Bear hugs!