Okay, so what to say other than what an excellent year it’s been!!!

Hmm, okay, that was a bit short.

Right, so firstly we picked a few less conventions this year than usual and they all went amazingly well!(okay, one didn’t but we really should have known from the previous years’ experience that that was going to be the case)

But yeah, so many great events leaving me more than once a bit teary eyed on my way home happy with how great things had went.

Then there’s the big increase in people following us on both Facebook and also Twitter (and yes, I’ve been a bit quiet on both as well as hear but still finishing off all the work from our Kickstarter event)

And hey! Kickstarter!

I’ve gone on before about how happy I was with our success with Kickstarter but it still amazes me that we reached out goal!

It has been a really awesome year!

Looking forward, we’ve already got several conventions booked for next year (we’ll be updating our conventions page in the next few weeks) and are trying a few new places!

I’m also currently updating issue #9 of our book with issue #8 just needing checked over before going to Comixology. I am really hoping to have a new issue out this year (if not two) so fingers crossed on that one!

I’ve got six new prints planned for the start of the convention circuit as well along with the release of our Kickstarter success book (and volume #2 soon after)

So yeah! Lots coming up and I just want to thank you all for making this year so great and I hope you guys all have a cracking Hogmanay and a great New Year!

Big New Yeary bear hugs to you all!!!!!


PS. Just posting a picture of the awesome good luck charm I received this year. It’s sitting very happily on my desk!

 photo screenshot.png_zpsrfjcanjn.jpeg