So yeah, it was MCM London at the weekend (yeah, it’s taken me a couple of days to get around to posting this, sorry!) and it was AMAZING!!!!

So busy and such a great crowd! We met many familiar faces and a whole load of new faces too and a big thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth! Thanks also to all our great booth neighbours, there was so much great chat being had! Honestly, excellent weekend!

Check how our mighty booth looked at the start and how it ended up being!

 photo mcm1_zpskpqspqwe.png

We’d sold out of many prints and some of them are now taking a leave of absence to make room for the next lot of new prints which I’ll be getting to work on for MCM Birmingham!

If this is your first time here (or you’ve visited before) then hello (and welcome back?)! Please do have a look around and also check out our Kickstarter which ends on the 7th of November! We’ve got a number of cool rewards that are exclusive to our Kickstarter and if you’re able to back us that would be great!

More from us soon as we continue to update issue #8 of our book!

Bear hugs!