Okay, so yesterday I might have gone a bit nuts….

You see, our Kickstarter has been running for a week now and was at 49% (which is pretty crazy awesome!) all day and I really, really, really wanted it to go over the halfway point!

So yesterday evening I posted on Facebook and Twitter saying that if anyone would put in donation that would push us over I would thank them.

A few seconds later I realised that that isn’t that cool a deal so I upped it by saying that I would replace the banner on our Facebook and Twitter posts with a proper thank you message which would run all day – and hey, someone put a donation in and so I’m now running a different banner for today!

 photo thxadvert_zps7sy2x2je.png

Thank you James for calming me down by putting in some money and thank you everyone who has donated already! I’m absolutely amazed at the money raised so far and feel really, really, really lucky.

Thank you.

We’ve still got a few weeks to go but I have to say that I actually had a good (and calm) nights sleep last night SO THAT WAS FANTASTIC!

There’s still a good few weeks to go and I’m not going to be complacent but yeah, I’m so happy with how things have gone so far!

More soon! Bear hugs!