Okay, so every New Year I evaluate how the year went for myself and also make a resolution for the coming year. I also do a similar thing on my Birthday (which is coming up in a mere 10 days time! Yay!!!!) So, for 2014 I resolved to attend more comic conventions and really get Lloyd and the Bear out there (which we did and why we also printed ‘rock tour’ t-shirts!) and then for 2015 I told myself that I need to learn to promote moreā€¦.

Now, I’m going to be honest and admit that I kinda failed at doing anything about this. What with getting the books updated, doing prints and other things I just never seemed to have the time to promote as well! And y’know, it’s all good to have a product but if no one is seeing it what’s the point? (well, outside of getting to do loads of writing and artwork which I really love doing!)

As this years Birthday came closer (did I mention it was only 10 days away? Woop! Woop!) I realised that I really needed to do something about the promoting side that I’d promised myself which is why you may have noticed me trying a few new things of late with videos and animated gifs as well as speaking to bloggers asking if they were interested in reviewing my book.

But I wanted to do more! Having spoken to people about it, I realised that Kickstarter was the way to go. Not only is it a way to safely get the money together to publish (in this case the updated collection of the first four comics) but also allows me to hopefully raise the profile of our heroes while gauging their interest on a much bigger platform while and also giving me the challenge of creating cool rewards and getting them out to the people who were kind enough to back me.

Oh, and it’s supposed to be fun. Now hey, that may be true but the nightmares I’ve had the last few evenings about me failing would say otherwise…..

Will I succeed? I don’t know. It would be really awesome if I did and I plan to be doing many more posts than I ever have and giving updates on how the project is going (and my mental state) as the project chugs along. I really hope you come visit this page to see how I’m doing and also have a chance to check out the Kickstarter project (and if there is a reward you’d like to see in there then please let me know!)

But yeah, the project is now live and counting down to the 7th of November when it ends and so if you’re able to spare some money to back me I would really appreciate it!

Wish me luck!

Bear hugs!

PS. The mentions of my Birthday isn’t to get you to part with your cash. I just really, really, really like Birthdays!