At the weekend we tried a new convention, Northampton Comic Con, and I’m going to admit I was a bit apprehensive (I’m not that great with things that are ‘new’) but man oh man was it great! I mean, like AWESOME!

Having got there and shown to my (seriously large) table super quick I found a bottle of water waiting for me. Now hey, this isn’t the first time that’s happened and sure, it’s a small thing but for me it’s like a wedding party favour or a wee Christmas gift – it’s such a nice touch!

Anyways, that place was BUSY and the number of people who stopped by our table was astounding and everyone was super nice as well. Like, seriously! Such a good vibe!

In many ways it felt like a mini-MCM with all the great things you’d expect there but compacted. Actually, in some ways it was better than MCM as I bought stuff this time (sorry MCM Manchester, but it’s true)!

 photo 20151001_055420_zpsiphtdrom.jpg

So yeah, Ghostbusters Domo Pop figure and a t-shirt (okay, admittedly the t-shirt is from Amazon but it’s because I saw someone wearing the same design and I had to have one!) and hey, I also received a gift! Check out the bracelet Bear is wearing with the Scotland flag on it! (Hey guys, you’ve still to email be don’t forget as you gave some awesome parody print ideas!)

Okay, so this post kinda went from banging on about how great Northampton was to what I bought, yeah…… soz.

Oh! Please check out our Facebook page later today as we’ve got something new we’re trying out! ‘Kay?

More soon! Bear hugs!