A while back we did a Flash parody with ‘Furash’ and yeah, I wasn’t that happy with the pun. The picture? That I loved but yeah, the title was a bit clunky.

As time went on the picture was recycled and used in our giant ‘Bearave and the Bold’ print but I still really wanted my Flash parody! I then got the idea of going with a Barry Allen (y’know, his civilian identity) parody and have Beary Allen as the title but it was still on the back-burner until chatting to a father and son at Demoncon who suggested the added blurb of ‘The Furriest Bear Alive!’ and then I knew I had to get this done – and I did!

 photo Bearyallen_zpsigl65n74.png

Nicely enough, I got this done just in time for the latest Demoncon which is on the 23rd of August in Maidstone (check out our Conventions page for more details as well as an updated look of where we’re going to be next!)

So yeah, what do you think?

More tomorrow! Bear hugs!