So I’m a big fan of Firefly, Serenity and pretty much anything Joss Whedon-like and it’s been a real struggle to get this print to work! I mean, there’s a lot of cast and my bears have real wide heads so it’s real difficult to get a lot of people in one shot!

It’s also a print that’s been asked for, and nominated, a lot of times and I’ve kept saying that it’s in the works but just never quite had the image right in my head.

Well, after some five revisions (no, really!) I’ve finally got my Bearenity print!

 photo 6_zpsasr509hb.png

I fear that there will be people pointing out that some of the cast are missing but I had to make a judgement call – so if you’re missing Inara, Shepherd or Simon I apologise. So what do you think?

Don’t forget that there will be another print tomorrow as we gear up to MCM Manchester!

Bear hugs!