It’s almost time for MCM Manchester and we’ve been busy on a whole new range of prints (which is why we’ve not posted here in a while, soz…..)

The first one has an interesting back story. You see, I did the Jurassic World parody (that you can see in my previous post) after having watched the film but when I went back to see it a second time (hey, I really liked it) I was inspired to do another print!

 photo 5_zpspfurz9yk.png

I then went on and posted this and the Furassic World prints on Twitter and Facebook without saying which print I planned to use (that would be the Furassic Park one) and there was overwhelming love for the Furassic World one! Aaaaah! So yeah, I’m going to print both! Seemed the simplest answer, eh?

The idea for Furassic Park was put forward by Rachael Vickers who will get a copy of whichever print she prefers (Rachael, I’ll be in touch soon!)

More tomorrow! Bear hugs!