So yeah, we got an awesome response to our competition! Really hope you guys had as much fun (and not a whole load of frustration) at trying to think of bear puns for what you think is cool!

So, from our first round of entries I’ve picked out these choices and listed them along with who thought of them!

HairaiserLozzy Lee (who suggested Bearaiser but it got me thinking)
Tedward Scissorhands & SabeartoothDi Alexander
Night of the Living TedRussell Hillman
Wool-EJules Luzby

As said in the original details for this competition, if and when I use these ideas you will get a free copy of the print (and please, do let me know if it was someone who told you about this site – no cheating now, we can tell who shared the original competition!).

You may have noticed that the subject says that this is Round 1. Well the reason for that is that this competition is ongoing! It only seems fair as we get loads of ideas by people who stop by our tables at conventions so I figure it should be the same here!

So yeah, if you think of an idea let us know and if we like it you get a free copy of the print!

Thanks everyone who has entered and please do keep sending in your entries! We really love seeing them!

Take care, bear hugs!