Okay, so we’ve been planning this for a while and it all started back at MCM London in October. Two of our (awesome) fans gave us a list of bear puns with ideas for new prints and I said there and then if I went ahead and used any of the ideas they would get a copy of the prints.

The Silver Surfer and Pawrtal prints? Yup, they’re both going to get a copy!

So what’s the competition? Well read on!


Think of a cool pun for a comic, TV show, movie or music group and either Facebook, Twitter or simply by emailing us at lloydandthebear@gmail.com with your idea! And don’t stop at one! If you’re crazy creative throw as many ideas as you have at us!


If we like your idea and use it you’ll get a free print! And hey, if you can’t make it to a convention we’ll post it to you!


Our decision is final and do remember that we already have some pun ideas waiting to be done but honestly, if we’ve not thought of it and it’s a cool idea you will get a print!


Need help with puns? We’ve found Bear, Fur, Ted and Grrrr are all handy rhyming words. Check out some of the ones we’ve already done!

 photo competition_zpsalw1hq9h.png

Also, please tell your friends about this! Share out competition on Facebook and Twitter and if they come up with an idea and give us your name you BOTH get a copy of the winning print!

Not bad eh? Have fun guys!

Bear hugs!