Okay, so not much done this week as I was away at the start of the week and then a bit down with the cold but having had today free I’ve been busy re-lettering the early issues of LatB. Issues 1 to 3 are now resized with 4 and 5 still to do.

Even though I plan to have both of them done on Sunday (as I’m having tomorrow off to celebrate Christmash — don’t ask) I’m still going to post the original issue 4 on the day with the updated issues coming out in the New Year. But yes, don’t forget that issue 4 comes out on Sunday! V. excited!

On completely separate news I picked up Doctor Who series 5 the other day (the Matt Smith episodes) and been watching the extras which has given me a big boost to get on with my own work. I do love the geniusness that is Steven Moffat!

Speak to you Sunday! Happy Christmash!