Okay, although it’s late in the day to come out with this I’m here to say that we’ll unfortunately not be attending True Believers this year.

We’ve been trying and trying to work out some way to get up there and set up in time but unfortunately it’s not going to be possible. If you were planning on dropping by to see us please send us an email with anything you were after and we’ll see what we can do.

On other (and happier) news, WE HAVE BUSINESS CARDS! (Okay, that wasn’t the smoothest segue was it?)

 photo cards_zpsakhp6cru.png

What do you think? Do we look all grown up? (And is that even a good thing?)

Going back to the weekend coming up, it won’t be an absolute bust as there’s many other LatB related things going on what with new prints being worked on, issue #6 being updated, issue #15 being written (slow one that) and a further bit done to a veeerrrrrrrrry long project that’s being worked on. Sorry, it’s a bit hush, hush but hopefully you’ll love the results!

Come back this weekend though as we should have some news on other conventions that we are absolutely, positively set to be going to! *touch wood*

Bear hugs!

PS. Sure was a lot of brackets in this post, uh? (Sorry!)