So there’s a little known sequel coming out this year called Avengers Age of Ultron (squeeeeee!) and back when I did the previous Avengebears pic I knew I would end up doing another one (hey, got to keep up with pop culture, right?).

Back when I put the original print together I did have another idea floating around in my noggin which was using the cover from issue #4 of the original Avengers comic. It’s a great cover but really lacked all the characters I wanted to put down plus it’s seriously a bit sparse with a lot of blank space.

So when it came to doing this print I decided to use that cover as less of a parody and more of a template for what I wanted to do. In this updated print I’ve drawn a lot of my favourite Avengers and placed them in what I consider to be their best costumes (although to be fair, there’s a lot of differing Captain America costumes over the years that I really like). I sadly ran out of space and didn’t have a chance to put Hawkeye in (that guy never catches a break) and I also left Quicksilver out (not actually that big a fan to be honest) and this is what I came up with!

 photo Chchchanges3_zpsa761f5ba.png

What do you think?

Oh, and the sharp eyed among you may have noticed that I more or less reused the Iron Man shot from the original print – hey, I really like it!

As for updates I’ve put down some convention dates for this year along with updating the commissions page. First convention will be Demoncon! Can’t wait!

If you’re interested please do feel free to check out the pages!

More soon! Bear hugs!