I love the Iron Man films (seriously, who doesn’t? Okay, maybe the second one wasn’t that great but still…..) and I think it really shows now that I have THREE Iron Bear prints!

Below is the original print which sold out last year and then an updated copy along with a completely new design.

I love the original and feel it really matches up with the original (and amazing) cover done by John Romita Jnr. Thing is, colour printing was different back then and I felt a bit cheap just doing a single colour background. Added, that for some reason I created the print on a completely different size of page form other prints I couldn’t help but have a wee tinker with it.

I’ve also gone and done a new print as well with a more movie theme to it. This is actually my second attempt at this one as I kept getting the mask wrong previously! Well annoying!

So what do you think?

 photo Chchchanges2_zps85eeab25.png

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More soon! Bear hugs!