So……. earlier this year I did a Bearbo Baggins print and we sold out which was rather cool. Thing is, I felt kinda weird about it as I hadn’t seen the second Hobbit film and felt I was a bit of a fraudster selling pictures to films that I hadn’t even watched (Okay, technically this print didn’t have a link to any particular film but I still felt weird about it – yeah, I’m odd).

Over the summer I ended up watching the movie and really, really enjoyed it and will definitely be going to the cinema to see it the final instalment this winter and in my excitement I looked at the print again and decided to bring it back – but not before doing a few changes to it!

So yeah, here’s Bearbo Baggins Mk2!

 photo bearbo_zps502f5033.png

(I don’t plan to be making a habit of this by the way!)

So yeah, what do you think?

More soon! Bear hugs!