I’ve just finished updating issue #2 for Comixology and I came across a panel that I totally forgot about!

You see, despite how it may look I really do have this book pretty well thought out and I like to drop little things in to the background which will then mean something in later issues – the idea being when you re-read an older issue you’ll get something extra out of it. So in this case we have…

 photo panel_zps0fb1e159.png

So yeah, in the background you have a partial picture of Youka who we then get to meet in the following issue – and then later and find that he’s not a completely upstanding member of the community (oh, um…. spoilers if you haven’t read that far in to the books yet!). So this was me leaving out a wanted poster (I’m going with wanted poster as Youka isn’t the kind of guy who likes to advertise himself, y’know?) to hint away that there’s something funny going on there.

There are LOADS of other little things like this going on (plus some red herrings) throughout the books – have you spotted any others?

More soon! Bear hugs!