Attention! Attention! The ever so amazing Demoncon 8 is on in Maidstone at the Royal Star Shopping Centre on the 14th of September starting from 10am!

We’ve done quite a few Demoncons’ now and they have always proved to be excellent fun but sadly we are going to miss this one!!!!!! Still, I have an excuse but if you don’t then you absolutely have to go!!!!!!!!!

There are a whole load of great artists and writers there along with other creative people (plus last time there was a Transformers stand which was cool – although I admittedly didn’t buy anything, soz….) AND there’s a really good restaurant that does such tasty lamb burgers! My personal choice is lamb burger and bacon FYI.

So yes, if you are in the area please do drop by (and we will totally be at the next one! Promise!)!

More soon! Bear hugs!