Back on the 5th of July I was down in Maidstone at the Grinning Demon doing sketches and had an absolutely AWESOME time!

I will admit to feeling really scared as I wasn’t surrounding myself with all my books and prints building a little protective fort for myself but it all turned out fine. Many thanks to the fantastic owner of Grinning Demon, Graham, for inviting me down and also supplying me with lunch! I’m very easily bought….

So yeah, sketches!


 photo sketch5_zpsbfbc7e9d.png


 photo sketch3_zps03b1164b.png

Captain America!

 photo sketch4_zps3511d7b7.png

More Spider-man!

 photo sketch1_zps469a06d4.png


 photo sketch7_zps4ed667b3.png

Um…… some dude (sorry Graham)!

 photo sketch8_zps8d724951.png

And (because it had to happen!) Bear – but not only Bear but Bear riding Zecora from My Little Pony!

 photo sketch2_zps25ec6ec1.png

I also did two caricatures although for their own modesty I’m not going to show them…… awkward.

Don’t forget we’re at MCM Manchester this weekend and commissions are ON. If you want something ready and waiting for you for when you arrive please do get in touch!

More soon! Bear hugs!