On the run up to Saturday and the first Leicester Comic Con I must admit I was in two minds. You see, the weather was looking to be crazy hot here in London and I really wanted to get to a park and just relax. Added to that, on the Friday night I got real ill and it looked like all signs were pointing to not going to Leicester.

Thing was though, I had been invited and made a commitment so I was going to go no matter what to Leicester Comic Con AND I AM SOOOOOOOO GLAD I DID!!!!!! From the warm welcome I got by the organisers to all the assistance from the helpers going around and even the lovely touch of a bottle of water waiting at my table I knew it was going to be a good day and then to top it off there was so many cool people who stopped by the table and were up for a chat (I do love a good blether you know).

I was also lucky enough to get two tables for the convention and it ended up looking like this!

 photo 20140621_112633_zps64cf8b4c.jpg

And wouldn’t you know it, we even sold out of some stock! Whoops (but yay!)!

So yeah, if this ever goes ahead again I really hope to get the chance to be back in Leicester as I had such an awesome time! Thank you!!!!!

As for me, I now need to get back to working on issue #14! Busy!!!!

Bear hugs!

PS. No pressure MCM Manchester, but you’re next on our list of conventions and you’ve got a long way to go and beat Leicester Comic Con! (^_~)