Hello! So yeah, I was on holiday last week and taking some time out but now I’m back and all ready to get on with finishing issue #14 (which is going to be slightly late. Oops)

I can’t help but show you my holiday purchase though! Pooky! I use to be a big fan of Garfield when I was a kid and although that love has waned I still have a big place in my heart for his teddy bear Pooky AND NOW I HAVE ONE!!!!!

 photo pooky_zps15b50711.png

Sigh…… <3 On other news, don't forget that it's Leicester Comic Con this weekend at the Silver Arcade! We'll be there with all our prints, badges and books so if you're in the area please come by! If I'm not busy chatting to people I'm sure I'll be getting on with finishing issue #14 (which is going to be late. Did I mention that?) Right, back to work! Bear hugs! PS. Oh, and in other news, issue #14 is going to be a bit late. Keep that little factoid under your hat, okay?