Yay! A month late but finally it’s here! I hope to get back on track with the next issue but knowing how busy my calendar is the next few months there is a chance it may be a week or so late! Anyways, that’s issue #14 and we’re here today to talk about issue #13!!!!!

Please, please, please tell your friends about this issue! I’ve set it up so long time fans get a full story but also new comers will pick this up and know exactly what is going on! I’m also even more stressed than usual releasing this book as I’ve put a lot of work in to (hopefully) raising the quality of the book and making it look that bit more professional. With that, I would really, really, REALLY love to hear your comments! What did you think of the book? The new logo and fonts? The colour scheme? Let me know by dropping an email or posting on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter and use the hash tag LatB!

Right, that’s enough from me just now so go ahead and check the book out by clicking the button on the right or the link at the top of the page! Enjoy!

Bear hugs!