Okay, so believe it or not I had thought I posted here at the weekend but I now realise that it was slow logging in so I gave up.


So yeah, at the weekend I managed to get issue #13 completed and I can now tell you that it will be available to view from here come Sunday the 27th absolutely free! I’m really looking forward to getting this issue out as it’s got the new lettering, layout and just pops that bit more so I’m roll on Sunday!!!

Now, most important of all is that I ask that you please tell your friends about this book! Issue #13 is the start of a whole new chapter in the adventures of Lloyd and Bear and is absolutely a great starting point for new readers! So yeah, please tell everyone you can that this book is coming out!

As a special treat here’s a preview panel from the new book and I can tell you that this is just from the first page! Aaaaaaaah! (Sorry, I did say I was excited though right?)

 photo preview_zps9e6512b7.png

More soon! Bear hugs!