I am so sorry for not posting on here for so long! At the start of this year I did say that I feared issue #13 would be delayed what with updating the website and trying to get my head around some different forms of social media and boy was I right!

Added to that I’ve been ill twice this year and also had some commissions to work on and so it all pushed issue #13 back even further! Since our last convention (which I still need to post about!) I’ve been busy with getting the book finished and there will be more news very soon with when it’ll be getting released!

As a rough time frame to let you know where I am I finished all the art and writing this morning and it now just leaves me to get the book coloured! Well, that and the cover to issue #14…..

Once issue #13 is done I’ve got the next series of prints to do, some more commissions, issue #14, further updates to the website AND a secret project (which I’ve been meaning to do for over a year now!) to get done – thank goodness there are some Bank Holidays coming up!

So please bear (seriously not a pun) with us and things will hopefully return to normal soon!

Hope you’re all doing well! Bear hugs!

PS. By normal I mean my usual stop and start approach to posting – what’s with that?