Sorry for not posting last week but we were down in Maidstone for Demoncon!

As always a great time was had and our booth was surrounded by a bunch of other great exhibitors which was excellent!

It was great to see everyone although I did notice a few familiar faces that weren’t there (hope you’re okay)!

So yeah, picture time! First of all here’s our table (with a ghostly reflection of me taking the picture). We have a few extra things going on this time including racks for the prints – very chuffed with that!

 photo 20140216_121944_zps599e7668.jpg

And there were commissions (hey, that sign did work!)

Firstly, we have Doctor Who (the 10th one…… or is that 11th now? I get confused)

 photo commission2_zpsc9e8f41d.png

Next, we have a picture of Tedpool (hey, don’t we have a print of him already?)

 photo commission1_zps233e845d.png

And finally, Powergrrrl (hey now, I know we have a print of her!)

 photo commission3_zps70d7657f.png

So yeah, amazing day!

Sadly, we won’t be able to make the next Demoncon which is on Sunday the 14th of September but I would STRONGLY urge that you go if you’re in the area (and if you aren’t in the area, go make a day of it and travel to Maidstone! It’s awesome!)

More soon! Bear hugs!