So I want to talk about some of things that went on in issue #12, the overall theme of the first 12 issues and also what’s coming up.

I had always intended to bring the U.S.P.D in to the lives of Lloyd and the Bear although admittedly not this early! As I set out the plan for this arc I realised that I had an issue spare and also I had all these characters in one place that really needed to split off by the end of the book. Especially after the continuity heavy exploits of issue #11 I made this book very much a standalone book although obviously it tied in to the ending of the previous one and there’s still a few other mysteries going on in the background.

I can’t help but want to draw attention to the big monitor screen in the Control Room at the U.S.P.D where the sharp eyed among you may have noticed I used the original sketches that had been done of Lloyd and Bear. I had a whole joke planned to go along with this but annoyingly there wasn’t the room due to the size of the speech bubbles.

This brings me neatly in to the new logo and wording used in future issues of the book! With some of the previous issues I’ve really been struggling to get across what I want to say due to lack of space and so the smaller font will (hopefully) allow smoother dialogue and also some extra lines here and there to make the story flow that bit smoother.

So yeah, the first volume of LatB was really about setting up the friendship between our main characters and also ensuring that our boy Lloyd was not only safe but also not being missed at home. If there was an overall theme it would have to be about the importance of friendship and family although did it really need to take twelve issues to do this? Possibly not, but I’m a bit obsessive about checking off all the little concerns I had for our heroes – seriously, it’s like I was doing a Health & Safety check on the poor guys!

With the end to issue #12 I feel it very much shows where we’re going for future issues. I’ve been asked previously why there isn’t more Shoal in the book and a big part of that was because I was focussing on Lloyd but now that will change to Bear and his people and I assure you the Shoal will be playing a very big part in that! Hopefully I’ll have some pages of the new book to show you soon and with the opening pages you’ll see what I mean!

More soon! Bear hugs!