You know, it should be easy to write the script for issue 1 as I’m really just having to write what I’m seeing in the comic but I really do hate all the script terms that I’m having to learn to use.

I’m currently midway through page seven and hoping I’ll speed up in the next day or so and then a few serious read overs to correct my mistakes and I’ll be finished. I’m not looking forward to the Bible much either but that’s more down to the character studies I’m going to need to do.

On other news I have a review! Check it out at

Overall I would like to think of it as a positive review with the biggest gripe being at the resolution of the graphics plus my lack of use of colour or shading. The latter was down to my original plan to publish LatB and it would work out cheaper in black and white rather than shaded. Maybe if I have the time I’ll look in to shading the issues (or even colour it!).

More script writing tomorrow. Yay.