Okay, so here I am with this website that I never really use bar for posting Lloyd and the Bear books and the odd picture and I figure it’s time to get some more use out of it.

Starting from today I’m hoping to keep updating this (I want to say daily but we’ll see) with all the various projects that I’ve got planned and how I’m getting on with them – it also means that I have a note of what I need to do and see my progress so that’ll be handy.

As for the projects, well here’s the list.

Make a Bear teddy bear (no really, nout big but I want to make an actual real Bear teddy)
Book (a real honest to gosh hold in your hands book!)
New website layout
Animated short movie (fingers crossed on this one)
Bible (character art, synopsis and what have you)
A new flyer
The script for issue 1
Getting issue 2/3.5 out
Create a new logo (I’ve realised that I’ve got a couple of different logos on the go at the moment and I really need to get that down to just the one – but which one to pick?)
Comment on other websites or anything else that I’ve come across and liked (in other words use as an excuse for taking up my time when I should be doing my comic)

So yeah, that’s my list and hopefully over the next few months I’ll be able to check off each one of them as they’re completed. Don’t forget to come back and see how I’m getting on!