It’s a bit later than planned but today I start work on issue #12. The story has been banging about in my head for some time and I really need to get it down on paper.

So with that in mind I thought that today I would show you the full cover of issue #12. Here’s the thing though, I’ve actually changed the cover from what I originally previewed in the last book. It’s not an uncommon practice and happens in mainstream books from time to time and annoyingly this time it happened to me.

This is the original cover;

 photo cover12a_zps9d306d3f.png

It’s not that I dislike it but I figured that the two main stars of the comic should really have a strong presence on the cover. So with that in mind I came up with this new cover!

 photo cover12b_zpsf94cb978.png

Yup, without a doubt you sure notice Lloyd and Bear a bit more! The added bonus is that this actually ties in with the story! No, really!

So what do you think? Did I go with the right choice?

More soon! Bear hugs!