Okay, so I was supposed to post this last Friday but got tied up with doing the LatB Halloween special and also relaxing a bit (well, it was my Birthday weekend!).

But now I’m back and getting caught up with things! Yay!

So yeah, the big news is that I’ve just finished the (already mentioned) Halloween Special. This is a three page short and will be posted here (for free!) on Halloween! I really love Halloween so I wanted to do something special for it! Hope you enjoy it!

Secondly, a reminder that we’re at MCM Comic Con from the 25th to the 27th October (so yeah, from tomorrow!).

This will be our second London MCM and really looking forward to it! Hope to see you there!

After this weekend it’s back to work with me with getting issue #12 done and also we have one final convention this year with Thoughtbubble in November! We’ve already got two conventions planned for next year and more coming and I’ll mention them soon!

Bear hugs!