As promised here’s issue #11 of Lloyd and the Bear!

As I’ve said previously I really couldn’t talk about any of the pages within the book as pretty much everything was spoilery! There’s a lot of links to previous books in this one so you may well want to go back through the old issues before reading this one.

I also plan to do some commentary on this issue next week as I really do like to ensure that I’ve covered everything (and really, it’s been a real pain not to be able to talk about this issue until now!)

So yeah, issue #11. This leaves us with one final issue to not only complete this roller coaster of an arc but also what I like to call the end to Season 1 of Lloyd and the Bear. It’s my hope you’ll get a better idea of what I mean when you get to the end of the next issue (although I assure you I’ll be here to bang on about it and clearly underscore the meaning to this twelve issue run!)

I really hope you enjoy the book and please do let me know what you’ve though of not only this issue but the overall arc so far!

More soon! Bear hugs!