I said yesterday how we did a ton of commissions and here’s some of them (but before all that, check out our table!)

(And yes, we managed to get two tables – first MCM Scotland and now Demoncon? I’m going to get use to this double table set up if I’m not careful!)

 photo 20130915_114306_zpsb5bad13e.jpg

 photo 20130915_112854_zpsd7db96a0.jpg

 photo 20130915_121344_zps116fe5a3.jpg

 photo 20130915_144017_zps6493469e.jpg

 photo 20130915_135428_zpsb16fe4ab.jpg

 photo 20130915_145936_zpsf2bb1719.jpg

 photo 20130915_130336_zpsc3fd8384.jpg

So what do you think – feel free to drop me an email or post on Facebook and let me know!

More soon! Bear hugs!